Lynn Marie Price & The Wobbly Boy

@Venus Rising Espresso House March 12

Lynn Marie Price and Dusty Farnum started playing music together about five years ago in Alaska. Dusty was playing in a hippy rock and roll band, when Lynn helped him to see the light and introduced him to that good old country music. Since then they have had a wonderful time together singing harmony on those old country tunes as well as a variety of covers of current

artists. Both Lynn and Dusty are songwriters and sprinkle a few originals in their sets.

Dusty plays acoustic and electric guitar, flute, and dobro. Lynn plays keyboards, accordion and guitar. The combination of vocal harmonies, instrumentation, and variety of songs, provides an interesting and entertaining performance. They enjoy being together and performing those beautiful old songs.

To watch videos of a three of their songs at the performance

March 12th @ the Venus Rising Espresso House


~ by Butte Silver Bow Arts Foundation on March 11, 2010.

One Response to “Lynn Marie Price & The Wobbly Boy”

  1. Hey Dusty, could’n get the e-mail right so I’m saying hi here. Saw ya last week at Boulder Hot Springs. Got some lyrics to send you, can reach me at Jay

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